Salon Points Rewards

At Strictly Salon every customer is special and valued to us. Therefore; we appreciate customers who purchase goods from us, irrespective of how small or large their order is. To show our appreciation to our customers, not only do we reward our customers with a Free Gift for orders over £9.99, plus Free Delivery for all orders ; we have also added our new Salon Points Rewards Program.

How to Collect Points:
● Spend £1 at Strictly Salon and earn 5 Salon Points
● For each Salon Point, you would receive £0.01 pence off your next order (So for every £10.00 spent you’ll receive £0.10 pence) You could redeem your Salon Points For every £1 spent with StrictlySalon will earn you 2 points Every point is worth 1p off your order total
● Collect your points and redeem them for future purchases
● Simply add your Salon Points To redeem points just add them to your order on the ‘ Shopping Bag Payment ’ page
● When you order and products from us, awards the customer 1 Salon Point for every £1.00 is spent online. This excludes any postage fee. For every 15 Salon Points, the customer will receive £1.00 off from their future purchases (excluding postage). Customers can also earn 15 Salon Points for every product review that we publish on Strictly Salon website.
● Salon Points can be spent at any time with no expiry time limit on them. Therefore; a total of £60 spent with Strictly Salon at any time (excludes postage) the customer would receive a total of £4.00 off their future order. The Salon Points can be spent at any time with no expiry time limit on them.
● Please note that the Salon Points can’t be redeemed or exchanged for cash and the points can’t be transferred to someone else’s account either. Here’s a n example chart of spending and gaining Salon Salon Points system :


£5.00 5
£10.00 10
£25.00 25
£50.00 50
£75.00 75
£100.00 100


What are Salon Points?
Every time an online customer purchases product(s) from Strictly Salon’s website, we award them Salon Points as a gesture of saying Thank You . ! Salon Points can them be redeemed off future online purchases.

Who can take part?
Any customer that opens an online account with Strictly Salon can benefit from saving money for future purchase orders. Creating an account with Strictly Salon takes only 30 seconds less than a minute!

To create an account and take advantage of future purchases, click here to create an account. When a customer collects 5 Salon Points (equivalent to £1.00) , they can redeem the points at their next purchase any time they wish to do so . with no time frame.

How many points do I have?
You can find out the total amount of Salon Points you have been awarded by logging on to your account. The total Salon Points would be written at the top next to your name.

Do I have to open an account to obtain Salon Points?
Customers are required to open an account so that Strictly Salon can monitor the points are awarded through ordered products and online product reviews. It is also necessary and easier to see how many Salon Points are earned s and spent andearned.

Would my personal details be safe and secure?
Please be rest assured that all online customers purchasing any products from Strictly Salon are extremely secure. Please see our Privacy Statement for how we secure, store and apply customers’ information on our systems.

How are Salon Points used to pay or part-pay for products?
1- When the customer is at the checkout stage, they click ‘Pay with Salon Points’
2- They then enter the total of Salon Points that they would like to pay for their products
3- Customer then Submits their Order
4- Where the customer is short of Salon Points, the screen will prompt to ask for another payment method in order to complete their order.

How can customers find out on how many Salon Points they have earned per
1- The customer is required to log in to their Strictly Salon account
2- The next step is to go in to Orders History
3- Customer s c an ould then select the order they had placed and see the total Salon Points were earned ( and if applicable) redeemed

Why can’t the Salon Points be seen straight after placing an order?
Salon Points can only be seen as soon as Strictly Salon officers have processed the customers’ order first. Salon Points will be ready to view and redeem as soon the order is processed. This is usually with in 24 hours, Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm