Arko Shaving Soap Creamy Lather Moisturising Turkish Soap Stick 75 Grams 1/2/3/6/12 pieces

  • £2.49

For years Arko’s reputation for creating a luxurious shaving creamy soap is unsurpassed.  One of the greatest things that has ever happened to all wet shaving lovers. Ideal for all types of skins including sensitive skin.

Arko Shaving Soap 75 grams produces a wonderfully rich, creamy, moisturising and soothing shaving lather that will soften the bristles ready for that perfect shave.  Arko Shaving Cream Soap’s scent is a classic barbershop note.  It provides a great protective barrier for the skin whilst shaving at the same time preventing drag. Makes shaving much easier as the creamy soap assists the razor to glide on the skin.

Arko Shaving Soap Creamy Lather Moisturising Soap is gentle on the skin and kind on the pocket while still offering a fantastic close shaving experience. Shaving is a man’s main grooming ritual so don’t make it a chore, a thorough and indulgent wet shave with Arko Shaving Creamy Soap would benefit you and your skin all day long.

How To Use:

- Thoroughly wet the face with lukewarm water

- Soak the shaving brush in warm water for a few minutes

- Apply the brush on to Arko Shaving Cream Soap in a circular motion

- Continue for a few seconds until you build a rich and luxurious lather

- Apply water on to the brush if necessary and

- Start brushing the face for that perfect shave