Barber Salon Disposable Neck Paper Strips Roll Collar Tissue Dispenser Holder - Black 1/2/3/4/5/6 pieces

  • £5.99

The Shave Factory Neck Paper Roll Dispenser is extremely durable and lightweight.

Shave Factory disposable, self-adhesive and hygienic barber neck strip paper holder is an essential item for any barber/salon. A great way to keep the neck strip/paper/tissues dry and clean thus eliminating transmission of any skin disease, dirt and perspiration.

Made from impact-resistant, durable polycarbonate moulded plastic in a polished black finish. Easy to use by simply unscrewing the top lid off and placing a roll of up to 100 neck strips into the dispenser. The holder can be placed on to any clean surface including a wall mirror due to its 3 suction cups on the bottom of it.

If you require any Barber Salon Disposable Waterproof Elastic Neck Paper Strips Roll Collar Tissue, please see our online shop if you wish to purchase separately.