Derby Single Edge Razor Blades Premium 100/200/300/400/500/1000/5000 Pieces

  • £3.49

Renowned for it's great sharpness, the Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades Premium Black are the complete finest value in every aspect imperative to a high-quality razor blade: They stand out in the competition in terms of price, sharpness, durability, efficiency and provides a premium quality shaving experience. Suitable for all straight / cut throat / shavette / barber razors.

Derby Single Edge Razor Blades Premium Black are the largest manufacturer of traditional wet shaving products in Turkey and used by many wet shaving lovers throughout the world. The razor blade is made from stainless steel (imported from Sweden) and it's edges are made from Chromium-Ceramic, Platinum, Tungsten and Polymer.

Derby Single Edge Razor Blades Premium Black provides a comfortable and smooth shave experience without any excessive pulling or irritation.  Extremely popular and often recommended for beginners including sensitive skin or that are prone to irritation from blades that are too sharp, normal skin types and light to medium beards.  Derby Single Razor Blades are also inexpensive quality blades making it a popular hit with professional wet shavers, barbers and salons.

Each blade comes with in an individually wax paper wrapped and contains 100 Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades Premium Black in a tiny box, but huge in performance.  With these quality Derby blades, splitting the razor double edge blades are no longer required.