Dorco Double Edge Safety Razor Twist To Open Style with 2 Free Dorco Blades

  • £5.49

Dorco Double Edge Safety Razor head is assembled from the highest quality processed stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper. The handle is made from highly durable and lightweight ABS material. This safety razor was designed in the United States with comfort, design and safety in mind. It’s ridged handle makes it easier to hold for a firmer grip.

Dorco Double Edge Safety Razor is manufactured to a specific angle to give the smoothest, closest, most comfortable shave for a soft and silky skin. Say bye to those uneven shave or nicks and cuts.

It’s Tradition Opening Style is compatible with all double edge razor blades, which is easy to open. Simply hold the razor head carefully and twist the handle. Insert the new razor blade and twist to close, all in under 20 seconds or so. Comes with 2 Free Dorco Double Edge Razor Blades to start you off with.

The razor blade sits securely and comfortably in the base of this sturdy razor, making it easier to use even on sensitive areas. Dorco Double Edge Safety Razorcomes in a retail packaging. This razor is ideal for those travellers on the go. One of the most ideal gift for your partner, lover, family, friend and colleagues.

Made in Seoul, Korea.