1 x Fonex Matte Look

Fonex Gummy Professional Styling Hair Wax Matte Look 100ml 1/2/3/6 pieces

  • £5.49

Fonex Matte Look Hair Wax Professional Styling Hair Wax 100ml is one of the most known hair waxes' around in the barbering industry for it’s quality, stylish design and excellent performance.

This hair wax ditches the shiny look letting you create your desired style with a natural surfer looking natural matte finish. It has a great light aftershave fragrance of 'Coconut' and is enriched with natural extracts like Pro-Vitamin B5 to help hair look thicker, feel and look fresher, thicker, livelier, healthier and nourishes the hair. Provides the best firm hold all day and night long. 

It is a highly effective hair styling product to give you the best desired look with ease and comfort. Fonex Matte Look  Wax Professional Styling Hair Wax is the perfect hair product for defining, sculpting the hair and creating bold shapes and unique looking textures that will never let you down.

Allows you to keep your hair in the shape of the desired form. Maintains the appearance of your hair for a long time. It’s also suitable for Vegans.

Fonex Matte Look Professional Styling Hair Wax is made from Keratin, animal-free ingredients, not tested on animals, non-flaking formula, doesn't dry the hair, leaves no residue, grease or dandruff. Shape and re-shape the hair any time all day long.

Suitable for all types of hair.

How to Apply:

  • Apply to damp, wet or dry hair
  • Take a moderate amount of Fonex Matte Wax
  • Apply smoothly and evenly to the hair
  • Work fingers from the bottom to top of hair
  • Now you're ready to hit the Town and Enjoy!