• Morfose Hair Serum with Keratin for Dry, Damaged and Sensitised Hair Ends 75ml

Morfose Hair Serum with Keratin for Dry, Damaged and Sensitised Hair Ends 75ml

  • £9.75

Morfose Hair Serum with Keratin 75ml provides hair with a perfect shiny appearance and strengthens the hair. One of the most effective methods of reaching that smoother, shinier, stronger and straighter finish you desire.

With Morfose Hair Serum Keratin will eliminate the problem of frizzing of hair and leave a smooth and natural feeling. Reinforces, conditions and assists the hair to become stronger and fuller thanks to it’s keratin content.

Repairs damaged, bifurcated, split, electrified and puffed out hair ends due to this ultra-effective Morfose Hair Serum Keratin. It also keeps those constantly surging and non-controllable hair shaped easier. Protects hair from external factors like sun, sea, rain, snow etc.

By using Morfose Hair Serum with Keratin on a daily basis, your hair would become straighter, brighter and frizz free in no time.

For a lively, fuller and healthy looking hair and to get rid of any unwanted fizzy hair, make sure to try out Morfose Keratin Hair Serum.

How to Apply:

  • Apply a moderate amount of Morfose Keratin Hair Serum in to the palm

  • Slowly and gently massage the oil into clean and damp / towel dried hair

  • Rub the serum in a circular motion in to the hair all the way including hair follicles OR

  • Just massage the serum in to the damaged hair ends (all depends on the condition of the hair)

  • Can be used any time of the day, on a daily basis with no harm to the hair

  • Do not rinse your hair for a quite a while for the hair to absorb the serum in full