New Well Hair Colour Wax Temporary Unisex Mud Dye Styling Cream Clay Wax Silver 100ml 1/2/3/6 pieces

  • £5.49

The New Well Matte Hair Colour Wax Temporary and Instant Washout Unisex Mud Dye Styling Cream Clay Wax Silver Gray 100ml leaves the hair soft with a firm hold and long lasting effect. Leaves a natural matte appearance with a subtle fragrance on the hair throughout the day. Does not leave any residue or grease on the hair.

Apply the colour hair wax to create your ideal hair styling or messy hair shape by simply layering the colour wax in to the hair.

New Well Matte Hair Colour Wax Temporary is made from innovative components which protects and provides great colour to the hair as desired. Please wear gloves where possible to avoid any temporary stains on hands. For best results, apply colour hair wax to clean and dry hair prior to application.

This temporary colour hair wax easily washes out with shampoo.  Ideal for men, women and children with any hair types. Suitable for barbers, hair salons and home use.

* Please note that this colour wax may stain the pillow/bed if the hair is not washed before lying down!