Perma Sharp Single Edge Razor Blades 100/200/300/400/500/1000/5000 Pieces

  • £4.49

Perma Sharp Single Edge Razor Blade has been specifically designed for barbers and professional wet shavers. They are highly popular and praised among them. Greatly over perform every time and provide the closest smooth shave with no irritation. These razors are universally famous for being exceptionally the sharpest on the market. Providing a sharpness that lasts, smoothness, superior longevity, sturdiness and outstanding shaving quality are the main aspects associated with these razor blades.

Perma Sharp Single Edge Razor Blade is made from Stainless Steel and coated with Platinum to guarantee a perfect shave and an ever-lasting blade.  Please note not to wipe down the blade and only dry it naturally after you have used them as it will take off it's special PTFE (Teflon) varnish coating.

The Perma Sharp is one of Gillette’s best sellers worldwide and has greatly added their knowledge, skills and expertise to develop a smooth and trustworthy shave every time.

Each Perma Sharp Single Edge Razor Blade is individually wrapped in wax paper. Without having to split them in half, each blade has been specifically designed and polished to simply slide in to any straight / cut throat / shavette / barber razors.

Manufactured by the world renowned industry leaders, Gillette (Procter and Gamble) in St Petersburg, Russia.