Plastic Shaving Bowl, Mug, Cup for Shaving Brush Soap in White or Blue Colour 1/2/3/6/12 pieces

  • £3.99

An elegant shaving bowl/mug/cup for any traditional form of wet shaving lovers. This durable and nicely finished stylish bowl is an essential item with your shave supplies and would look great in any bathroom.

The smooth round bowl helps make and improve the quality of the lather. Unbreakable and light weight, this shaving bowl, mug, cup would also be an ideal gift to your loved ones.

This shaving bowl/mug/cup is composed of the highest quality and will not rust or discolour over time. Expertly handmade in Istanbul, Turkey.

Keep it clean and it will look brand new years to come.

Shaving Bowl Dimensions (Approx.):

- Height: 50 mm / 2”

- Depth: 50 mm / 2”

- Width: 70 mm / 2.5”

- Weight: 20 grams

- Internal Diameter: 80 mm / 3.15”

- Total Diameter: 90 mm / 3.50”