Uppercut Style Men's Quiff Roller Hair Quiff Brush for Styling 12 Row Radial Large Brush 1/2/3/6/12 pieces

  • £3.79

Curl and Style any hair with this Classic Radial Brush 12 Row Large Size Brush. This Round Brush adds body and is a static-free brush that prevents fly away hair. Curl, flip and shaping has never been made so easy. Ideal to use with blow dryers as manufactured to resist heat.

Style your locks with this gentle and non-tangling, double-return round bristled brush that will not split or damage the hair in any way. It will eliminate fly away hair with reinforced "stay-put" ball tips and non-slip grips for maximum control and comfort.

It has a specially manufactured ergonomically shaped handle with a comfortable grip surface, you can also use this brush tame away those uneven hairs, fly aways and style and groom the hair.

Ideal for slightly finer, short or even long hairs.

Product Features:
 ● Heat resistant to blower dryers
 ● Can be used on wet or dry hair
 ● No splitting or breaking the hair
 ● Ergonomic handled round brush
 ● Perfect for men, women and kids
 ● Non-tangling double return bristles
 ● Designed to bring out the best results
 ● Suitable slightly finer and shorter hairs
 ● Shapes hair for the perfect finished look
 ● Super thin, strong and very flexible bristles
 ● Tame those uneven hair and curl, flip and shape
 ● Non-snagging, static-free bristles eliminate flyway’s