Wahl Clipper Oil 118ml for Hair Clippers Trimmers Shavers Blade 1/2/3/4/5/6 pieces

  • £4.99

Wahl's Blade Oil 118ml is a top of the line professional blade maintenance product since 1911. Wahl Blade Oil can be used on ALL Wahl blade types for optimum blade care.

The convenient 4 oz. sized bottle is easy to use. Just place 2 or 3 drops of oil between blades every few clips (depending on how often you use your clipper; the more you use it the more often the blades need to be oiled).

With Wahl's Clipper Oil you would achieve and maintain a longer clipper and blade life as it coats the blades with an ultra-thin film of corrosion prevention. Regular use of Wahl clipper oil with your appliance not only helps the blades to run more smoothly, preventing overheating from friction.

Wahl's Clipper Oil is not only the best oil for Wahl products, but it’s also highly recommended and used by professionals for top professional brands such as; Remington, Braun, Phillips, Andis, Babyliss and Oster clippers as well.

With this Wahl Clipper Oil, you can enjoy brilliant, precision hair trimming and improved appliance that gives you the top performance like brand new.

Product Features:

● Specially formulated to be Colourless and Odourless

● Regular use will extend blade life and cutting precision

● Wahl clipper oil can be used on all shears and scissors

● Recommended to use 2-3 drops of oil after a few haircuts

● Wahl clipper oil comes in a handy easy to dispense 4 oz bottle

● Keeps clippers and trimmers well lubricated for a greater shave

● Manufactured for all electric hair clippers, trimmers and shavers

● Recommended and used by professionals for top professional brands

● The blade oil it coats the blades with an ultra-thin film of corrosion prevention

● Would keep your electric item rust-free and provide an optimum performance

● This convenient bottle of oil will last for many months with normal home usage