Zenix Carbonated Bubble Face Mask Blackhead Acne Spot Treatment with Aloe Vera 70ml 1/2/3/6 pieces

  • £6.49

The Zenix Bubble Face Mask comes in a convenient travel size bottle of 70ml.

Zenix Oxygen Mask treatment is made from Aloe Vera added with a special carbonated activated ingredients by creating bubbles that eliminates any black spots, from forming acne and get rid of old and dead skin cells. Replenishes the dead skin tissue with a revitalising new and a healthy glow.

Zenix Facial Bubble Face Mask Aloe Vera is a super-cooling deep pore cleansing mask which draws out impurities and opens blocked pores. Exfoliates the skin and eliminates black heads, pimples and any facial bacteria thanks to its antioxidant properties. This all-purpose peel-off mask won’t draw oils from the face, leaves the skin a beautifully clean, hydrated, livelier, supple, soft, silky and a healthy looking skin.

Zenix Facial Bubble Face Mask Aloe Vera prevents from any built up of toxins on the skin and helps the skin to absorb any excess oils. This face mask has a high level of mineral content, helping to purify the skin from dead skin cells and renews the skin by accelerating the stimulation of blood circulation.

Suitable for all types of skins.

Available in Aloe Vera Green and Blue Collagen.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for all types of skins
  • Has a great sweet smell of fragrance
  • Comes in a 70ml pump bottles for easy use
  • Prevents from any toxins building on the skin
  • Gives the skin a revitalising and healthy glow
  • Available in Aloe Vera Green and Blue Collagen
  • Helps to slow down ageing process by reducing wrinkles
  • Won’t draw oils from face and will absorb any excess oils
  • Leaves the skin supple, smooth, soft, silky and deeply cleansed
  • Will help to unblock pores, and leaves you skin feeling hydrated
  • Renews the skin by accelerating the stimulation of blood circulation

Directions to use:

  • Wash the face with lukewarm water and dry the face
  • Gently apply Zenix Bubble Mask spreading it evenly over the face
  • Wait approximately 5-10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water
  • Notice the smoothness and brightness of your skin
  • For best results, please use at least once a week